When we are not aware that we have been living in this trance, we perceive ourselves and the world only through “horizontal” eyes. Many of our ideas and feelings about ourselves or life in general may not even be our own.

Physical and emotional pain can often be signs that we have slipped into the horizontal trance. In the Diamond viewpoint, when we experience these symptoms, it is important to remember not to judge ourselves. These conditions, feelings and thoughts are not the truth of who we are. They are simply what we are experiencing in our trance. We often seek relief from the tension, tiredness and toxicity of living in the trance by unconsciously seeking something to numb our pain and/or fill the void within us. This coping mechanism is normally short-lived and often leads to frustration and even addiction that robs us of our Freedom and our Health.

From the Diamond perspective, all things in life are seen as opportunities to evolve; therefore, even the trance is embraced as a gift that causes us to seek something higher. The uncomfortable feelings or symptoms of our trance are seen as our Soul’s Call to Awaken. When we say "Yes" to this Call, we have the opportunity to Awaken from our trance, turn within and come “home” into Vertical Alignment with the Soul… the Diamond Self Within.
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