Following his advice, I soon began to wake up to all the pain that I had been denying… present day and past… that was so well hidden by my social mask. In the months and years that followed, my “excruciatingly” perfect life began to unravel at all levels. All the prayers in my heart, the therapy I was now in and the inspirational talks in all the churches I went to…did not relieve my pain.

This “Dark Night of the Soul” initiated a daily ritual of hikes into the hills behind my home where I called for Divine help in my life. The Divine answered. Each day, in those hills, I miraculously received total relief from my pain and was recharged with hope and energy to carry me through another day in my tumultuous world. It took several years for me to realize that I was receiving Divine Christ Energy that was freeing me from my horizontal trance and bringing me into Vertical Alignment with my Soul’s Inner Power and Wisdom.

This phenomenon of what happened on those daily hikes was pure alchemy to me as I did not DO anything to make this happen. For the first time in my life, I was humble and open to receive help. This was a true contradiction for the “superwoman” persona that was identified with doing everything herself.
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