While these daily infusions of Energy allowed me to taste the Magic of this Vertical Soul Alignment, I was unable to maintain this Alignment in the fire of my life. Once again I called to the Divine for the ability to abide in this Aligned state, as opposed to experiencing it only 45 minutes in my day.

Again my call was answered, and over the next many years, I received the Gift of what I now call Diamond Alignment… the tool that Connects and Aligns me with the Divine or what I call my Diamond Christ Self Within… anytime… anywhere. This Alignment has expanded my world, allowing me to create true Wealth of Being… wealth that far surpasses anything I had experienced before. To this day, this Sacred Tool enables me to maintain Vertical Alignment with my Soul’s Diamond Blueprint, no matter what is going on around me.

In 1997, I was called to make the Gift of Diamond Alignment accessible to others who long for the Wealth of Being I speak of. The last 10 years of my life have been devoted to answering this call. It is my greatest Joy to offer Diamond Alignment to individuals worldwide.
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