My Soul’s intervention brought forth the Divine Gift of Diamond Alignment which ultimately enabled me to heal the split within me and merge both worlds. I am now able to enjoy wealth in the material world while expressing my Spiritual Consciousness and wealth in the Spiritual world, without giving up the enjoyment and Freedom that come with material wealth.

The synergy of my worlds, now integrated as one, frees me to experience a wealth of energy and capacity to thrive spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and materially in a state of Joy and Equanimity. I call this phenomenon true Wealth of Being. This expanded experience of wealth is beyond any wealth I had experienced before. Wealth of Being is living with Passion and Purpose, intense color, creativity, freedom and fun. It is a fullness and richness of life that is both challenging and amazingly gratifying.

Wealth of Being is living life full-out… being open to life… free of our limiting patterns. It is the ability to see the highest possibility in any situation and make it happen. It is waking up every day, feeling good and being excited about living another day. It is living in Appreciation and Gratitude for the ordinary and the extraordinary…
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